Wholesale & Retail Trade

The corporation is mandated to provide the general public & and Government institutions with essential commodities.

Warehousing and collateral Sevices

The Corporation has an expansive portfolio of Warehouses spread across the Country to facilitate supply chain & distribution systems.

Transport & logistics

The Corporation has a fleet of prime movers and trucks that fascilitate timely distribution of commodities accross the country

Support of SSME's and jua kali sector

The Corporation is tasked with the promotion, development of MSME's markets, expansion and diversifications of trade in line with the Government Policy



Retail & Wholesale distribution of goods


Transport & Logistics

Procurement services to Government Institutions

About KNTC

The Kenya National Trading Corporation Ltd is a State Corporation in the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investement, mandated to act as a procurement agent for the government and participate in the promotion of wholesale and retail trade in order to strengthen the supply chain of essential products within the country.
The Corporation is also mandated with the responsibility of supporting the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector through supply of raw materials, provision of consultancy services and identification of markets for their products.


Customer Orientation

The Corporation shall establish and maintain effective mutually beneficial relations with its customers by understanding and prioritizing their needs.


The Corporation shall remain accountable to its stakeholders and will accept responsibility for its decisions and actions.


The management and staff of KNTC ascribe to high standards of personal ethics and integrity in the conduct of the Corporation’s affairs.


The Corporation shall ensure openness and continuous communication and sharing information with its stakeholders.


The Corporation shall endeavor to uphold professionalism in conduct of its business. The Corporation shall attract and develop staff with necessary qualities, skills, competence and behaviours.

Team work

The Board and staff of KNTC shall work in a joint spirit and nurture a performance driven culture in endeavour to achieve the set goals for the Corporation.

Our Mandate

Participate in the promotion of wholesale/retail business and e-trade in line with Vision 2030.

Improve and strengthen supply chain and distribution systems for both the formal and informal sector.

To be a Procurement Agent for the government and general public at reasonable commercial prices.

Partner with other key players to avail relevant products/input for the agricultural sector.

To set up trading houses in export markets.

Promote the development of MSME’s markets, expansion and diversifications of trade in line with the Government Policy.

Our Partners

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